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Images  & Cover for Linkiesta etc. Magazine.

collab w. Francesco Simeti.

Compositions were commissioned on the theme of "Logic of Chaos". An artificial intelligence approach was designed with which I wanted to exploit the protocolar nature of text to image prompts, creating a composition saturated by images that were bound by step logic.


Using Dalle2, the pieces began from arbitrary visual sources. Text prompt recipes were designed for each composition. These prompt recipes contained variables that served as axes within the matrix that was gonna become the image.


The prompts were then processed through ChatGPT4 to change these variables under specific stipulations which exploited specific data pools (like “historical styles of scientific illustrations going from Herons of Byzantium to the James Webb telescope” ). Results were then fed into Dalle2, each image/segment being the result (+1,000 imgs in total generated). Each composition had its own rule set, and each averaged around +300 individual images progressivedly stitched together.

History as graphic effect.

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