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Hannah Candle  : Brand Development, Logo, Website Design, Packaging.

Luxury designs by artist Bonam Kim.

The brand’s development focused on respecting the simple elegance of the products, pointing towards the designer’s Korean heritage and her modern sensibilities.

Aesthetically construed around simplicity and organic forms.

Hannah was chosen for its meaning in Korean, signifying one, as well as its  multicultural range : in Judaism Heavenly Grace, Japanese a Flower, Maori the act of Glowing. With it the flagship product was personalized and its femininity accentuated. 

The brand's identity features Grange Extra Light font, chosen for its displaced weight which acts as a contraposto to the candle's curves, offering both stability and a contrast that enhances dynamism.

A flame delineated by an ink brushstroke serves as the logo, a tribute to the designer’s heritage. The single line evocates the simplicity and ephemeral nature of the product and alludes towards the craft that goes into its production.

Minimal web design in accordance with the product’s subtlety,

accentuating the seductiveness of its form.

Box design for collaboration with The Standard Boutique. 

Under this branding the company grew from $ 0 sales to averaging $ 80,000 in revenue per year,  now counting as partners brands such as

  The Standard Hotel  Kith , being featured in Vogue, and having a Social Media presence of +15,000 organic followers. 

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