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 Tisu ( Mobile App)


Brand Development

Social Media UX + Fashion Marketplace.

A platform designed to foster meaningful connections between content creators and small businesses.

I began my involvement in the early development stage, performing an in-depth evaluation of the app's design. My responsibilities expanded to include a total redesign of the mobile application, the web portal's design, and the creation of the brand's identity.

Upon initial review, the design was uninspired and incoherent, leading to a strategic overhaul aligned with current market trends.

Our goal was to deliver meaningful social shopping experiences, cutting through the clutter of similar platforms by emphasizing creativity and economic growth through community engagement.

First things First : Basics

I updated the content feed from square to full-screen to better suit fashion displays, making use of the vertical space for clearer apparel presentation. The redesign focused on enlarging screen space for users to easily showcase styles and interact with product tags.

Focus : Social Shopping Experiences

The product design aims to build a community around creative and inclusive shopping experiences. The 'Closet' feature is smoothly integrated into user profiles, offering a personal space to highlight favorite items, showcase content, and create customized collections serving as lookbooks.

Group Shopping Experiences

Product : Cliques

⏳  to foster significant exchanges.

Commerce : Community

Creativity : Organic Marketing

Content creators can tag brand products in our network, providing brands with direct insights into consumer interactions (on brand web portal). This feature allows brands to tailor their marketing tactics for enhanced engagement, fostering a dynamic connection between creators, brands, and consumers.

Conclusions : Future Developments

Under my creative leadership, the app has established a strong foundation, ready to expand the communal shopping experience. I've crafted a strategic, multi-generational product roadmap focusing on user customization, style sharing, and unique content creation to set the platform apart in the digital space.

Future versions of the product, outlined in the roadmap, aim to foster deeper relationships between brands and creators. These enhancements will promote lasting, mutually beneficial connections, setting the stage for a dynamic, community-driven marketplace.

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