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Tisu ( Web Portal )


Social Media UX + Fashion Marketplace.

The webportal serves as the brand's entryway into the network, through it they can synch their Shopify inventory, set bounties for individual products, and interact with users. 

The aim was to keep it simple and intuitive so as to allow the brands to develop meaningful exchanges with the content creators that are gonna be able to create more traction for their products.​

Focused Interface

A simplified Product Panel where brand can keep track of the metrics of their products within the platform and enact the interactions that generate returns for their marketing budget.

Bounties : set a budget and user's will get compensated if that product sells from their tagged content.


Tips to incentivize creators generating the most traction. 

Current Conclusions : Future Developments

I've crafted a clear product roadmap that enhances data accessibility with a focus on simplicity and relevance, ensuring brands can efficiently extract and prioritize their key performance metrics.

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